We decided to spend a day in Donezk to watch a football match in Dombas Arena. Unfortunately the game was cancelled a day after we bought the tickets for the train. But we decided to go despite of this to see one of Ukraine’s major cities. So we took the night train and after 10 hours we arrived in the morning 6 am in Donezk.

At the train station we were picked up by some Aiesecer and they showed us around.

We saw the Dombas Arena (from the outside) and the Fan Shop (from the inside), several parks, a hospital

and a police station. Two policewomen on patrol decided to check our documents and misread the entry date on the alien registration sheet of one of our girls and started to make a terrible fuss. They invited us to their station to check it and eventually called for help. When two other policemen arrived two things became obvious: The policewomen were still in training and that nobody of us was illegal in Ukraine. So we continued our tour.

And it was freezing cold…

26.11.09 13:13


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