Outlook to the third week

Let me start with a short note about the weather: It was perfect so far, but lately the nights became colder and colder and in the mornings it warmed up later and later. It seems even here in the crimea region autum is near.

on Monday evening we were informed, that the topic of this week is changed from Leadership to financial management. So we saved our work and started all over for the new topic. Nichts ist so beständig, wie die Änderung der Lage.

 Let me end with some remarks about our new flat:

Actually it is a house. Two bedrooms and a double bed in the living room. This time we draw lots and i had the first choice. So I choosed for myself (and the other male intern) the only room with beds large enough for me. Sleeping in a real bed is paradise (Well, I have to lie diagonal to fit, but I am not going to be picky about such minor affairs) . By now we have a well equitted kitchen with two! fridges (one for meat and one for beer) and a clean washing room. By the way, according to the local customs we don't have the average washing machine but a 'vibrating bucket' (I will leave this without further explainations, use your fantasy).

Next to prepare ourself for our sessions we are planning our weekend. It looks like a trip to an other city again.

But first comes the welcome party at our place. For certain reasons we hadn't a opportunity to host anyone before...

28.10.09 13:37


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