Arrival and first weekend

I was very pleased that my journey to Simferopol Airport went over without any problems and that a fellow Aiesecer awaited me at the Airport to guide me to the place where I am going to stay with the other interns of the project I am participating in here in Simferopol.

Among my first impressions was the most insistensly the one of the bad conditions of the stret and the ifrastrukture in a whole because of the seat in the bus send each hole in the street to my back and it wasn't convenoient to carry my luggage to the flat in the 5th floor. But the second and way more sustainable was the one about the people here. Even if they life in very unsighty flats and houses they are very polite and friendly. Positive examples outwight the negative ones for there any so far, but neither I will spoil the facts now nor I forget that I am here for just a few days.

 As you may suspect by now, there are actually some issues regarding our flat. The lack of warm water is totally compensated by the lack of beds (altough this will be dealt with tonight) and the aspect of the lady which is owning the flat and is probbly going to drive us out end of the month. But the outlook of moving to the other flat the staff here is already preparing is not a bad one.


Tomorrow we will start our work.

Expect some news about my experience there.

13.10.09 21:35


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