We shifted our work around a little bit so that we eventually had the opportunity to visit Istanbul. On Thursday we started at Simferopol Airport and an hour later we arrived at Ataturk Airport. We were once again picked up by some students who were so kind to host us during our stay till Tuesday. We visited Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Dolmabahçe-Palast, the Cistern, Galata Tower, the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar. But the very best of all was the football match Beşiktaş against Fenerbahçe.

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The other day we made a tour to Jalta. After a short bus ride we arrived in the area and saw beautiful scenery. We visited some touristical spots,


including the place were the Jalta-Conference took place.

Back in the city we visited some churches. On of them even with German schedule...


 Jalta in the evening:

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We decided to spend a day in Donezk to watch a football match in Dombas Arena. Unfortunately the game was cancelled a day after we bought the tickets for the train. But we decided to go despite of this to see one of Ukraine’s major cities. So we took the night train and after 10 hours we arrived in the morning 6 am in Donezk.

At the train station we were picked up by some Aiesecer and they showed us around.

We saw the Dombas Arena (from the outside) and the Fan Shop (from the inside), several parks, a hospital

and a police station. Two policewomen on patrol decided to check our documents and misread the entry date on the alien registration sheet of one of our girls and started to make a terrible fuss. They invited us to their station to check it and eventually called for help. When two other policemen arrived two things became obvious: The policewomen were still in training and that nobody of us was illegal in Ukraine. So we continued our tour.

And it was freezing cold…

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Outlook to the third week

Let me start with a short note about the weather: It was perfect so far, but lately the nights became colder and colder and in the mornings it warmed up later and later. It seems even here in the crimea region autum is near.

on Monday evening we were informed, that the topic of this week is changed from Leadership to financial management. So we saved our work and started all over for the new topic. Nichts ist so beständig, wie die Änderung der Lage.

 Let me end with some remarks about our new flat:

Actually it is a house. Two bedrooms and a double bed in the living room. This time we draw lots and i had the first choice. So I choosed for myself (and the other male intern) the only room with beds large enough for me. Sleeping in a real bed is paradise (Well, I have to lie diagonal to fit, but I am not going to be picky about such minor affairs) . By now we have a well equitted kitchen with two! fridges (one for meat and one for beer) and a clean washing room. By the way, according to the local customs we don't have the average washing machine but a 'vibrating bucket' (I will leave this without further explainations, use your fantasy).

Next to prepare ourself for our sessions we are planning our weekend. It looks like a trip to an other city again.

But first comes the welcome party at our place. For certain reasons we hadn't a opportunity to host anyone before...

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Start of the second week

Hello guys,


sorry for the delay, but regular internet access wasn't provided by now from the OC, so I had to relay on Internet Cafes and between empty battery and the regular work wasn't time left for this so far.

 But here are the updates. The Project I work on with other interns (each one from Hungary, Poland, Australia and Canada) started last week and in our sessions about project managment we gave the participants lots of work to do. Especially demanding to our skills was the language barrier for most of them are not used to work using English. But I am going to safe the details about the content of our sessions for an other place and occasion.

 More important is what happend on the weekend: On Saturday morning we meet with the LC Simferopol (and their newies) and got on the train to Sewastopol. Arrived at the venue the total number of Aiesecer between the participating LC from the region exceedded the eighty. Altough we interns didn't participated in the conference itself we experienced a very proactive and entertaining weekend when we were not on tour through the area.

Because a friend of an alumni from Simferopol prepared a tour through the city of Sewastopol for Saturday which we enyojed with an other intern from Germany who joined us after just leaving the plan and hurring to the place. We visited some of the 2000+ war memorials and even an once-confidential submarine base in Blaklava. After climbing on a steep hill to see some ruins from an ancient fortress we were failrly exhausted and after leaving our kind tour guide behind we returned to the conference venue.

There we learned, that the day still hasn't ended and and in an desperate attempt to catch up with the missing sleep we decided to call it a day at this point.

On Sunday we visited some greek ruins at the city and after climbing over rocks, visiting an old monastery and spending some hours at the beach we once again got on the ferry to return to our side of the bay. There we participated in the closing plenary of the conference held by a chair from Germany.

 This Monday we returned to Simferopol where we hoped to move in our new flat since the contract over the last flat was cancelled in mutual agreement end of last week for unacceptable conditions. We are for the moment staying at a friend place and will split up to some other places tomorrow and waiting for the end of the month when our actually new flat will be free as previously planned.

 Currently we are preparing for the next round of the project and staying tuned for news from the flat-frontline

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Arrival and first weekend

I was very pleased that my journey to Simferopol Airport went over without any problems and that a fellow Aiesecer awaited me at the Airport to guide me to the place where I am going to stay with the other interns of the project I am participating in here in Simferopol.

Among my first impressions was the most insistensly the one of the bad conditions of the stret and the ifrastrukture in a whole because of the seat in the bus send each hole in the street to my back and it wasn't convenoient to carry my luggage to the flat in the 5th floor. But the second and way more sustainable was the one about the people here. Even if they life in very unsighty flats and houses they are very polite and friendly. Positive examples outwight the negative ones for there any so far, but neither I will spoil the facts now nor I forget that I am here for just a few days.

 As you may suspect by now, there are actually some issues regarding our flat. The lack of warm water is totally compensated by the lack of beds (altough this will be dealt with tonight) and the aspect of the lady which is owning the flat and is probbly going to drive us out end of the month. But the outlook of moving to the other flat the staff here is already preparing is not a bad one.


Tomorrow we will start our work.

Expect some news about my experience there.

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